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In the beginning, you don't need to register to post but that will change so we can develop some personalities

Should you REGISTER, you'll be asked to enter a valid EMAIL address and if you don't have one for ranting, you may want to create one in Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail so you can get private mail and operate this account.

Rules at the beginning will be permissive but libelous personal attacks related to individuals appearances, races and cultures, lifestyles will likely be deleted. As might be one or two of the 7 forbidden broadcasting words.

Letter rip and have fun.

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FORUMS Exist for ALL BZ SHOWS. Click on any FORUM and press JUMP TO... Posting is currently OPEN but Users soon will be required to set up a LOGIN HANDLE that points to some email address--good idea to create a hotmail, yahoo, or gmail account for ranting and private msgs.) No screening except when in bad taste.