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1/30/2019 5:48 am  #1

How to set up McAfee auto-updates?

McAfee needs no introduction in the world of cyber security. This American Global multinational company renders a wide assortment of security software and anti-viruses to the individuals for their home PCs and the businesses for their organization. When you download and install a McAfee antivirus via, you also get the option for McAfee auto-updates. This option is by default enabled; however if it is not then you can set up the same by following the instructions provided in this article.

Before you proceed to those instructions, check the following points to know why automatic updates are necessary:
McAfee auto-updates automatically add new virus definitions. An updated database of virus definitions helps the installed antivirus to detect and then fix the upcoming viruses before they harm your device.
The updates are launched to fix minor bugs that might cause slow performance of the device it is installed to
Auto-updates also save your time that manual updates may consume
These updates also keep the antivirus up-to-date.

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Re: How to set up McAfee auto-updates?

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Re: How to set up McAfee auto-updates?

To set up Mcafee updates follow the following steps:

Double-click the M icon in your Panel.
Select Updates.
Click View Settings.
Click Turn on or Turn off to enable or disable Automatic Updates.

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