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11/19/2018 4:39 am  #1

The Evolution of HP Printer

Hp customer service: It is almost three decades since HP launched its first Inkjet printer and after that, it never looked back and playing a vital role
in the development of Print Technology and the related devices as well in the print industry. HP started its journey in 1984, with the launch of HP
Inkjet which was the predecessor of today’s DeskJet and OfficeJet Printers. It replaced the noisy Dot matrix printer but used the same fanfold, tractor-
feed paper with an impressive speed of one hundred and fifty characters per second. It changed the technology in a revolutionized manner as printer head
and printer cartridge become part of HP printer.After the first launch, it improvised the technology in a better manner and launched its second generation printer and that was HP DeskJet in 1988 which
was the first single sheet printer and that was fit for the desk and has a laser quality resolution of 300dpi and with a print speed 2ppm and became the
game changer in the print industry and over one million users showed it that they have a trust in the HP printer support.

1/10/2019 3:16 am  #2

Re: The Evolution of HP Printer

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