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1/29/2019 2:22 am  #1

magical influence of World Matchplay

James Wade tells Sky Sports about magical influence of World Matchplay, another meeting with Mervyn King, and why he does not fear Michael van Gerwen. Wade has fond memories from his annual trips to Blackpool and the six-time finalist will be hoping for another prolonged stay in the tourist resort when the World Matchplay starts this Saturday, live on Sky Sports.Only Phil Taylor, a 15-time winner, has a better record in the major tournament, and Wade offers a light-hearted response when asked to explain his success on past pilgrimages to the seaside town. It must be the fun fair and the promenade, the Golden Mile, the sunny beach, the blue sea, the white sand. Did you get all that? the 2007 winner told Sky Sports. Check out the final leg between James Wade and Phil Taylor in the semi-final of the World Matchplay Darts Its the format, the people, the venue. The people there are so humble and nice, its the best format in the world - in my opinion - and the venue is lovely.Nicknamed The Machine, Wade is a gritty performer who relishes matches in this particular tournament, which are decided purely by legs rather than sets. But even Wade, with a number of major titles on the mantelpiece, admits he is still inspired by the historic surroundings of the Winter Gardens. Just walk in there. Its very strange, its like the room is full. Its a magical building. James Wade Everyone should walk into the Winter Gardens when its completely empty. Just walk in there. Its very strange, its like the room is full. Its a magical building, he said.Wades first round match should entertain this weekends packed house as he faces Mervyn King, the shaven headed Suffolk man, who has earned a reputation as one of the pantomime villains on the PDC Tour. Wade starts title challenge against Mervyn King King often uses ear plugs to block out the jeers, but Wade is well accustomed to dealing with the temperamental reaction of the crowd.Its just Mervyn, everyone has got their own character they portray or the way they behave in front of the camera, he said. Its just the way Mervyn does it. If theyre going to boo you, theyre going to boo you. There are certain players that get nipped at for wearing ear plugs - like Mervyn, who has been nipped at for years. Youve got to get on with it. You only notice when its going wrong.

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Re: magical influence of World Matchplay

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