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SAFe Certification Bangalore

What is SAFe Certification?
SAFe stands for Scaled Agile Framework, designed for enterprise level development. Its latest version is 4.5 delivered in June 2017.  It is nothing but Agile for projects implemented at larger scale.  It is amalgamation of Lean methodology and Agile principles established within the agile framework. It brings different teams such as DevOps, Testing, Project Release Management and many more under one roof for the better coordination, Quality, Transparency of project to each and every team member. It is designed to serve simplest and the most complex projects spread across more than one Agile teams. It can cater to teams with 40-100 members or teams in thousands located at different geographical destinations. It basically has two SAFe Implementation such as SAFe 4.0 and 3.0 with 4 levels (Portfolio, Value Stream, Program and Team) and 3 Level (Portfolio, Program and Team). Level 3 is mainly for team size not exceeding more than 100 and Level 4.0 is for bigger projects comprising of more than 100 team members where each agile teams collaborate to achieve project delivery successfully.
Advantages of doing SAFe training with StarAgile.
As we read in above description implementation of SAFe is not as easy as it sounds. It needs specialized skills to deliver these projects successfully and to achieve this each individual in the team needs to know the attributes and process of SAFe implementation thoroughly. This milestone can be achieved with the help of experts from the industry such as Staragile Experts. There are SAFe Certification held in Bangalore which would enable one with desired information, exposure to best practices, learn implementation of SAFe across projects for team members starting from freshers till Senior Program Managers/Delivery Heads, continuous support from StarAgile team to get certified and be SAFe agilist. By the completion of SAFe certification training, trainees would have complete knowledge of what is SAFe, How to Implement the same across projects and the advantages of SAFe implementations. In  order to enroll for this training, you can go for SAFe Certification Bangalore with the experts in the industry (Staragile) at Bangalore Location.
To enrol or to know more about SAFe Certification Bangalore 
you may reach us on +91- 8050205233 or


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