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csm certification Pune

What is CSM?
Scrum Master Certification is a 2 day fully loaded program, enabling the aspirants to seek knowledge and gain expertise in Scrum and Scrum Master role. To begin with Scrum, its one of the most engaging methodology of Project Development adapted by most of the companies across the globe and results in the successful delivery of projects with great stakeholder feedback. One of the main achievements of Scrum teams is the entire project is broken down into smaller deliverables which are presented to stakeholders at regular intervals (Sprints) to understand the business expectations and gain confidence with feedback. Scrum master acts as a catalyst to the team and provides continuous support and feedback through retrospective meeting. She/ He also helps in developing a Self-Organizing team, which can handle its own work and derives the same from a prioritized backlog and deliver the best of productiity with high quality standards. Scrum Master also acts as a inter mediator, if conflicts arise within the team, or between the product development and business stakeholders. Certified Scrum Masters gain insights and develop skills to implement agile principles and drive scrum teams to achieve project deliverables in stipulated timeframes.
Advantages of doing CSM training with StarAgile:
There are institutes who look into the certification and only focuse on getting the enrolled head count of certified Scrum Masters, however Star Agile institute (Upcoming Batches-CSM Certification in Pune) works endlessly towards bringing a change in an individual with respect to  his/her knowledge in Scrum & its framework and the Role of a Scrum Master, providing assistance in understanding team dynamics and challenges, sharing of industrial real time challenges in implementing Scrum principles, acting as a mentor/guide to implement Agile principle and how to conduct Sprint Daily Stand up Meeting and Sprint Retrospective Meetings. To enrol for one of these eye-opening and brain storming sessions do reach out to Star Agile's nearest location (CSM Certification in Pune) in India.
 To enrol or to know more about CSM certification in pune
you may reach us on +91- 8050205233 or


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